Software for iPhone, iPad, Android, smartphones, tablet and any other device
We are specialized in producing software directly connected to your business or your needs, building up mobile or web application customized for your company
Development of web sites and professional and complex web portals
Cosmobile is the ideal partner for a web strategy really effective and functional, thanks to the mix between technology, experience, communication and business
E-commerce solutions built ad hoc and developed with full customization
We offer customized B2B and B2C solutions integrated with your ERP
Auto-pagination catalog systems for every needs
The solution which transforms the "traditional" technique for catalogs design, in a completely digital management of the layout processes, connecting database management system to final auto-pagination system

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Realizzazione e gestione tecnica del sito a cura di
Grafica, design e comunicazione
Sviluppo e gestione dati
Your customized web solution

For all mobile devices

Functions and services built ad hoc

The new Laura Pausini Official App
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We provide solutions of
Sales Force Automation

Online the new official site of the singer

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Manage resources and activities
from your tablet
with apps that will organize
the work of every day
Product configurators
on tablet that communicate
with your ERP
A smart tool integrated with management system
for the sales network of your company.
Efficient, Flexible, Easy

An advanced publishing system
for the resources management
related to the product